ICIS Plant Energy 2015 Release Notes

Last revision: 12/12/2014

This document contains important information about the ICIS Plant Energy Version 2015 release. Please review this document carefully for known issues in this version and changes to the documentation included on this DVD.

Release Summary

System Requirements

Installation Information

Known Issues Plant Energy Application

Plant Energy Documentation


Release Summary

The ICIS Plant Energy Application Provides Energy Analysis and review tools for consumption based on data retrieved from Automation and Modbus devices.





o    New User Configurable Detail Dashboards




o    New User Configurable Meter Dashboards




o    Enhanced mimics allowing you to link Historian and ICIS values to a graphic display




o    Intensity Usage Tool Review Demand and Consumption Intensity and analyze what is causing peak demands





o    Dynamic Trending Tool Brand new design allowing for the trending of ICIS Metered and Historian Tag Data with interaction such as zooming and scrolling from PCs and Tablets





o    Usage Map Tool Now see the breakdown of energy usage over a special area





o    Sankey - Performance Improvements








o    New custom alarms and alerts


o    New conditional alarming based on a combination of factors







o    New Power, Steam, Water and Custom Meters available


o    Now with over 40 Meters and Virtual Meters to choose from





Excel Add-Ins


o    Updates to the Excel Add-in for data access


o    Updates to the Excel Bulk Meter Import Add-in for the new meter types


Microsoft Updates


o    The Plant Energy database is SQL Server 2012 compliant


o    Support for Internet Explorer 11, Chrome 41 and Safari 7



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System Requirements


The Plant Energy Application is a set of .NET modules written for the Microsoft .Net Framework Common Language Runtime (CLR) language.

General requirements:

  • Microsoft Windows Server 2000, 2003, 2008, 2012, Windows 7 Premium, Vista Ultimate, XP Professional, Windows 8
  • Microsoft Internet Information Services (6+)
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 11+


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Installation Information

To install ICIS Plant Energy

  1. Refer to the document ICIS - Plant Energy Application Install 2015 contained on this DVD.

To uninstall ICIS Plant Energy

  1. In Control Panel, click Add or Remove Programs. The Add or Remove Programs dialog box appears.
  2. In the Currently installed programs window, select ICIS Plant Energy Version 2015 for the web application or ICIS Plant Energy 2015 XXXXXX Interface. Where XXXXXX refers to the interface type installed.
  3. Click Remove.
  4. Follow the prompts to complete the de-installation.

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Known Issues ICIS Plant Energy Version 2015

IT0002: The ICIS Energy Bridge Modbus interface can stop after a period of time when communicating over a USB interface.

This issue relates to the connection of virtual communication ports for USB connected devices. If the service has been identified as no longer reading Modbus networked values it must be restarted from windows services.

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ICIS Plant Energy Documentation

The Plant Energy documentation set includes the following guides: 

  • ICIS - Plant Energy 2015 Application Install. This manual describes the installation procedure for all relevant components, 3rd party interfaces and ICIS supporting modules.
  • ICIS - Plant Energy 2015 User Manual. This manual provides a complete overview and guide to the use of ICIS Plant Energy. 
  • ICIS - Plant Energy KBA. These documents detail relevant KBA information in relation to interfaces and general system items.


A PDF file for each of these documents is available on the installation CD with the user manual also available from the Documentation section of the Web application.

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