The ICIS Sustainability Software Platform
ICIS software provides a unique and unrivalled offering in its approach to Energy Management and Sustainability. Allowing users to utilise real and virtual metering technology while leveraging their automation infrastructure offers not only the most flexible method of metering and analysis on the market today, but also the most cost effective one.

ICIS provides the common link of energy information sharing between your departments needed to successfully implement your sustainability program:

Energy Department– Identify energy users, energy mappings and carbon emissions
Process Department– Identify why there's excessive energy usage in a process
Operations– Identify changes to work practices

The ICIS software platform integrates seamlessly with your data historian, automation systems and metering devices through the use of our unique software interfacing technology. Sourcing information however is only the start of the process. ICIS provides an extensive toolset and powerful dashboard and reporting system that provides you with the necessary information displays that will empower you to justify and act on your sustainability strategy.

With ICIS software there is no programming or be-spoke user coding required to get the results you need. Our patented technology has been embedded into our system allowing you to simply configure your data sources, traditional meters and our unique virtual meters. There are over 40 types of virtual meters to choose from ranging from simple device items such as control valves to complex units such as heat exchangers. This configurability allows for users to quickly build their energy maps and backfill data to the system from their automation sources, which will then provide instant historical energy reviews from day one.

The ICIS toolset ships with an extensive list of default tools including:

Multi Variable RegressionBatch LinkageMeter Comparisons
ForecastingDynamic TrendingUser Dashboards
Statistical AnalysisTrend AnnotationsConsumption Alarms and Alerts
Degree Day AnalysisAd-Hoc ReportingExcel Add-Ins
Carbon Emission EngineEnergy PricingEnergy Maps

No other product in the market place today offers the flexibility and analysis components that ICIS provide straight out of the box. Be it for ISO50001 support, Energy Management or Carbon Emission Reporting, the ICIS toolset has everything that you require within one user friendly portal interface.

ICIS integrate with a number of leading historian \ automation providers and are development partners with a number of them also ensuring that our interfaces communicate with their products efficiently.

Some examples are:

For Historian or Automation systems not listed contact ICIS for further details.

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