January 2015 - ICIS 2015 Available
ICIS continues to go from strength to strength with new customers and installations across Europe, the USA, Australia and now into Asia in 2015.

With the diversity of the ICIS offering, no other competing product can rival our Return on Investment, ease of installation and simplicity of use for any Manufacturing facility. Offering such flexibility has provided our customers with not only the standard baseline energy reviews but enhanced analysis of items such as:

Batch Reactor Thermal Energy Analysis
CIP and Process Energy Consumption and Mapping
EPI Metrics such as Batch/kWHr of Electricity, Batch/Gallon of Water
Complete Cost Centre Energy Analysis right down to the process equipment

Looking ahead, 2015 is set to be one of our busiest years to date, and in order to support this the newly released ICIS Plant Energy 2015 is now available. For our existing client base this offers exciting new tools to utilise and upgrade to, along with the release of over 40 Patented ICIS Virtual Meters to enhance the mapping of their facilities.

For our new and future clients it offers even more of a reason to invest in the ICIS platform, allowing you to yield instant ROI and achieve vital Energy and Production Metrics.

For an overview of the new product additions go here
April 2014 - ICIS Client Chobani Awarded Plant of the Year 2013
The new Chobani facility at Twin Falls Idaho has been awarded the prestigious Plant of the Year 2013 by Food Engineering Magazine.

Utilising an extensive ICIS platform Chobani realised large savings in metering hardware and infrastructure costs. ICIS provides a complete solution for mapping energy and process metrics while also providing an extensive array of analytical tools, dashboards and reports that management and staff alike utilise to track production and energy usage across the facility. No other product in the market place today links so seamlessly with a facilities automation system to provide complete energy maps from main distribution areas to the actual consuming devices through the use of ICIS virtual metering.

Congratulations to all the team involved!

For the complete article by Food Engineering visit here

April 2012 - ICIS at the ISO 50001 World Conference
ICIS will be attending the SEAI sponsored ISO 50001 world Conference in Dublin Ireland on the 4th of May 2012. We will have a sponsored area detailing our unique Virtual Metering technology and the successes that it has brought to many leading blue chip multi-nationals.

See the ICIS overview poster here

With the recent publication of ISO 50001, this is your chance to hear from influential energy management experts on what policies will work to create the right environment for this important standard to succeed - and why.

For conference registration details visit the SEAI site here
January 2012 - ICIS Installations Continue to grow
The ICIS install base continues to grow with many leading Multi-Nationals now utilising ICIS Technology to support their Sustainability and ISO 50001 programs.
January 2012 - ICIS Sustainability Platform 2012 Released
The ICIS Sustainability Platform 2012 has been released incorporating the award winning ICIS Plant Energy Application. ICIS customers are now benefitting from a number of new features such as:
New Virtual Metering for Saturated and Super Heated Steam
New Dynamic Trending with zooming and scrolling that also allows Historian tags to be trended with ICIS meters
New Multi-Variable Regression Analysis Tool
New Live Meter Energy Map detail displays and dashboards
January 2012 - New ICIS Website
The new ICIS website has been launched in support of the ICIS Sustainability Platform 2012. The new platform empowers organisations to drive their energy program by supporting the requirements of ISO 50001 and the Carbon Disclosure Project. With our unique virtual metering technology and new feature rich toolset and reporting systems the ICIS platform is the brand of choice for any size organisation embarking on a sustainability program.

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